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What formats of publications are popular with readers

Today we'll talk about what formats of publications are most popular with readers, which means that any editor would be happy to have such material.

Maximum usefulness, minimum acynicism. Ask yourself pay for papers what you personally would like to read more - articles about useful, practically applicable things, or someone else's thoughts on the fate of mankind?

Write case studies that talk about the experiences of real people in real companies. Abstract arguments unsupported by examples don't interest the reader and don't look expert.

Selections of useful tools for work and life, the so-called "life-hacks" are always very popular with the reader.

Articles based on research or surveys are always relevant.

Don't play the news game, you're not a news agency or a major media outlet, but a corporate blog. Chances are, their and your resources are not comparable. And pay for essay correction your tasks are different, too.

Always remember that the most effort, time and money should be invested in evergreen content. That is, one that is interesting to the reader not here and now, but in a year or two.

But a selection of free photostocks or, let's say, a publication on how to write a press release so that journalists take it into their work and do not throw it in the trash - such articles do not lose their relevance over the years.

Evergreen content is called that, because it will work for you forever, and you spent for it only once.

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