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  • Are there any actual Sisters involved?
    Yes! Pasta Sisters is a real family business - our mom is the Chef, my Brother is the CEO, I handle the marketing, and my Sister works in the office. You will see our family regularly at either location, Culver City or Pico . Please say “hi” when you are visiting!
  • Is Pasta Sisters real Italian?
    Yes! We are a first-generation Italian family, originally from Padua (in the north of Italy). We moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and 5 years later we start our business. Although we miss our home country, we are happy to be living the American Dream! To know more check out the "Our Story" website page.
  • What is so special about Pasta Sisters?
    The food at Pasta Sisters comes from traditional family recipes, some over 100 years old, that have been passed onto Chef Paola from her mother and her grandmother. All of our pasta is made in-house daily with 100% Italian flour, eggs and extra virgin olive oil. We make all of our sauces and complementary focaccia bread daily from scratch, and most of our pastries. (Except the Sfogliatella is imported from Naples!) We use the highest quality ingredients that both Italy and California have to offer so we can maintain our family cooking traditions and still offer our dishes at an affordable price.
  • Is Pasta Sisters a full service restaurant?
    No. Pasta Sisters is considered a “fast-casual” restaurant, we do not offer in-seat wait service. When you arrive you must first order at the counter inside to receive a table number and then you can find a seat. Our staff will deliver your food and drinks to your table and they are also here to help you with seating when necessary (see below for large groups and parties).
  • Does Pasta Sisters offer take-out? Where do I pick up my order?
    Yes! You can order take-out from our third party provider (Chownow) or over the phone. To place an order for Pick up click here Call us: Culver City (Helms Ave.) - 424.603.4503 || Los Angeles (Pico Blvd.) - 323.870.5271 When you arrive at our Culver City location please walk to the second register to pick up your order. Please ask an employee if you have any difficulty. When you arrive to our Pico location please walk to the counter and let our staff know that you are picking up an order. *Please note: If you order carryout and ask our staff to plate your food and seat you at a table when you arrive we will not accommodate this type of request. We can experience long wait and often have limited seating for customers who are dining-in.
  • Does Pasta Sisters deliver?
    Yes! We deliver through UberEats and DoorDash. Please note that during peak hours, delivery apps may be paused and/or extended waiting times may occur during too high volume of dine-in tickets.
  • Does Pasta Sisters serve alcohol?
    Yes! At our Culver City location only - we have a nice selection of Italian wines and two Italian craft beers on tap. At our Culver City location, you can also bring your own wine for a corkage fee of $15.00 (+ tax) per bottle. Unfortunately our location on Pico Blvd does not permit the sale or consumption of alcohol.
  • Does Pasta Sisters have free parking?
    Yes! Our Culver City location offers free on-site parking within the Helms Bakery District lot for customers only. Please read the signage carefully when parking. Our Pico Blvd location also offers free parking in the lot in front, but it is very small so parking may be limited. You can find street parking on Arlington Ave and on surrounding streets but please check the signage carefully for parking hours.
  • Do you have Gluten-free pasta?
    No. For health and safety reasons we do not serve gluten-free pasta. All of our pastas are made in an open-air room which could easily be cross-contaminated by wheat flour. This decision is taken to prevent anyone with celiac disease or a severe gluten allergy from becoming ill after eating something that is labeled as “gluten-free” that has unintentionally come into contact with wheat. We do not serve gluten-free pasta, but we do offer other gluten-free menu items that are prepared in a separate area of our pasta-room. See below: -Roasted Wild Salmon (served with two sides) -All Side dishes a la carte -Caprese Plate with Buffalo Mozzarella or Burrata cheese -Bresaola Carpaccio -Prosciutto Plate - Cold Cuts Plate -Butter Lettuce Salad (+ Grilled Chicken) -Arugula Salad (+ Grilled Chicken) -Panna Cotta with strawberry puree - Gelato -Sorbet NOTE: If you or anyone in your group has celiac disease or a severe gluten allergy, Pasta Sisters is a potentially harmful environment for their health, as we cannot fully guarantee that the food has not been in contact with wheat flour. If this is the case, please notify the Cashier and one of our Managers when you place your order so we can take all the necessary precautions when preparing your food.
  • Does Pasta Sisters have any vegan options?
    Yes! We have two types of pasta that are vegan: homemade Gnocchi (potatoes and flour) and the Penne (dry pasta, no eggs). Both options fit perfectly with our Tomato & Basil sauce (please request “no dairy” with the Cashier) or the Arrabbiata sauce (vegan). All other sauces contain ingredients that are not vegan friendly. We can also serve our signature salads without the cheese. Please let our Cashier know of any dietary restrictions or food allergies when you are placing your order so we can take all the necessary precautions when preparing your food.
  • Do you take reservations?
    No. We do not take reservations. Pasta Sisters is a fast-casual restaurant that does not offer in-seat wait service. When you arrive you must first order at the counter inside to receive a table number and then you can find a seat. Our staff is available to help you find seating when necessary. We can experience long lines for dining-in and our seating is limited during peak hours. For this reason, we kindly ask that you do not sit at or attempt to reserve any tables before your group has ordered. Our staff is well-trained to assist with seating and accommodate you and your group, so please trust us!
  • Do you take reservations for large parties?
    No. We do not take reservations for large groups, however, we are happy to help when you arrive (Culver City location only!)! Please ask to speak to a Manager and let that person know how many people are in your group. We will ask for your entire group to be present before ordering and we will do our best to seat you all together. While there is no guarantee we can accommodate all large parties, we have had much success in the past. If you are interested in hosting a private party or renting our patio at Pasta Sisters- Culver City, please contact our Catering Manager for rates and availability - 213.315.9156 || Keep in mind that our Mid City location have limited seating and large groups are not recommended.
  • Does Pasta Sisters offer any prepared food or retail products?
    Yes! You can purchase a selection of our fresh pastas and sauces, made daily, to cook at home. Check our web-page Deli & Bakery to see all of our daily options. For larger quantities we ask that you contact us in advance to see if it is something we can prepare for you. Directions for cooking are placed on the labels of our deli items, or you can always ask or call us if you have any questions on how to prepare these items at home. At our Culver City location we also have a full retail selection of dry foods imported from Italy. Lastly, we have other Pasta Sisters merchandise, including T-shirts, baby clothing, accessories and handmade shopping bags! Our merchandize is also available online
  • Can I customize my dish or combine sauces?
    Yes / No. The Pasta Sisters concept is to build your own dish: 1) choose a house-made sauce and 2) choose a house-made pasta. Because we firmly believe in the traditions of our family recipes and the quality of our ingredients, we do not combine any of our sauces. You can add a ball of fresh Burrata cheese on top of select dishes (Tomato & Basil, Arrabbiata, Pesto and Bolognese), and you can order a side of Grilled Chicken (it will not be tossed in). In very few scenarios, we can exclude certain ingredients in our dishes due to dietary restrictions or food allergies. Please communicate any dietary restrictions with our Cashiers and we will do our best to accommodate. For all other circumstances, no substitutions or modifications are allowed.
  • Can I order sauce on the side? I’ll pay for it!
    No. We do not serve sauce on the side of any of our dishes. Chef Paola, owner and Mama of Pasta Sisters, works very hard to create the perfect balance between ingredients and flavors and for this reason, we only serve the dishes as they are prepared. We believe that if you trust our family traditional recipes you will enjoy them as much as we do!
  • Is Pasta Sisters dog-friendly?
    Yes. We do allow dogs on either of our outdoor patios and service dogs are allowed inside the restaurant as long as you have proof of registration. We do ask that all dogs, service dogs included, remain on the ground while dining at Pasta Sisters. Due to health and safety reasons, we do not permit dogs to be seated on top of any furniture, in contact with, or near any surfaces where food is served (this includes dogs sitting in the laps of their owners). If you need a container for your dog to drink fresh water out of please ask one of our staff and we are happy to accommodate. We kindly ask that you do not serve your animals from any of the containers that a customer may eat from in the future. Thanks for understanding!
  • Can I bring a birthday cake to Pasta Sisters?
    Yes - you are more than welcome to bring an outside cake to the restaurant. However, please be aware that Pasta Sisters has a dessert fee - $1.50 per person. We will provide plates, utensils, and napkins to your party, as well as assist with the cutting of the cake. Please notify a Cashier or Manager that you have brought a cake with you.
  • What type of dine-in seating do you offer at your locations?
    For Culver City, we have two outdoor patios with seating (a larger front patio and a smaller back patio), and a few tables in an indoor area of the restaurant. Please be aware that seating is first-come, first-serve after you have ordered at our register. For Pico Blvd, we only have limited indoor seating.
  • Do you have heaters?
    For Culver City - yes, we have standing heaters as well as heaters built into our patio structures. We do our best to make sure customers are as comfortable as possible, no matter where they are sitting in the restaurant. If you would like to be placed by a heater, please let our staff know and we would be happy to help you.
  • Do you offer catering?
    Yes! We have a full catering menu available here. We offer a wide selection of catering options for any kind of event, at your home or your office for small or large groups. You may pick up your order at either location, or you may ask for delivery for an additional charge. If you are interested in placing a catering order at Pasta Sisters, please contact our Catering Manager for rates and availability - 213.315.9156 || || catering form
  • Where can I find you on social media?
    Instagram Facebook
  • Hours and Holiday Hours?
    Mid City: Monday - Saturday 11:30am - 8:30pm Sunday - Closed Culver City: Sunday - Wednesday 11:30am - 9:30pm Thursday - Saturday 11:30am - 10pm Both locations are closed on Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. We are open until 3pm serving lunch only on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.
  • Refund Policy
    Pasta Sisters does not process cash or credit card refunds. Refunds are processed via store credit. Refunds can be offered to a dine in customer only when Pasta Sisters is responsible for the issue related to the dish/dishes (if the dish does not meet the quality standards established by the executive chef or kitchen manager) and the customers reports the issue immediately to a manager onsite. We are unable to process a store credit if a complaint is made via email or phone call after the customer has left the facility. Store credit can be offered to take out customers only ( in store, phone orders and Toast) if the the issue is reported within 48hrs from the time the food is picked up. Pasta Sisters may request pictures or other information in order to evaluate eligibility for store credit. We do not process refunds for orders placed through third-party apps. Refunds for orders placed through third party apps (chownow, UberEATS and DoorDash) must be requested from the provider where the order was placed.
  • Do you sell gift cards?
    Yes, we do! Physical gift cards are sold at both locations with four different designs. Digital gift cards are available here
  • Do you have a loyalty program?
    YES! You can join the Pasta Sisters Rewards in-store or online by clicking the link below. Start earning delicious rewards: - Get a 5-point welcome bonus; - Earn 1 point for every $10 spent and unlock $10 off every 20 points - Receive a special birthday treat! Points are added up based on the subtotal written on your receipt (no taxes and tips). Rewards points and perks are not cumulative. Catering orders are excluded from the loyalty program. Sign up here: Look up your rewards account here:
  • Does the Chicken Milanese come with sauce?
    No, the Milanese is served traditionally with only a side lemon wedge. If you want something saucy, our Chicken Scaloppine is served with a lemon caper sauce.
  • What sauces can I add fresh Burrata cheese on top of?
    You can add the Burrata on top of the Arrabbiata, Tomato & Basil, Bolognese, and Pesto sauces. Otherwise, the Burrata will be served to you on a side plate.
  • Do you have options for kids?
    We can offer a Butter & Cheese or just Butter pasta for kids, and we recommend this with either our Penne or Spaghetti. However, please be aware we do not offer smaller sizes, all of our pastas are the exact same size.
  • What is the sauce that comes in the Spaghetti Clams?
    Our Clams sauce consists of manila clams, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and parsley.
  • What is Porcini?
    Porcini is a wild mushroom imported from Italy. This prized fungus is found on the ground of hardwood forest amongst pine, chestnut, hemlock and spruce trees, it has a complex relationship with its surroundings and because of this it's not easily cultivated. To know more check out our "Sauces" website page.
  • How come Carbonara is not offered to-go?
    Carbonara, is a sauce that is meant to be eaten right away - it does not hold its texture or temperature well over time, and should be consumed very quickly after preparation. To ensure the quality of the dish at our standard and make sure it stays creamy and hot, we have decided not to offer this dish for carryout.
  • What is the difference between gnocchi and your other pasta?
    Our gnocchi consists of flour and potato, whereas our other homemade pastas (spaghetti, tagliatelle, pappardelle) consist of flour and egg. To know more check out the "Our Food" website page
  • Why is the Penne “dry”?
    The Penne is the only pasta that we do not make in-house. It is made elsewhere, and does not contain eggs.
  • Can I add any protein to my pasta?
    The only protein we offer is Grilled Chicken, however, please be aware it will be served on the side - it will not be served on the dish.
  • What are your pasta sizes? Can I get additional pasta if I’m hungry?
    All of our dishes, no matter the type, contain approximately 4.5 ounces of pasta, which is usually sufficient for one person. If you would like, you can order extra pasta and/or extra sauce for small additional fees. Note: The extra pasta and extra sauce are included and served in one dish - we do not offer these on the side.
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