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Made in house every day



Our pies are made with care and attention to detail, from the flaky, buttery crust to the decadent fillings. Try the classic chocolate and ricotta or switch things up with the fruity apricot jam or Nutella flavors. In addition to being available by the slice in our restaurant, we also offer the option to take home a full uncooked, frozen pie that can be baked to perfection whenever you're ready. Simply thaw for an hour and bake for about 45 minutes for a fresh, homemade pie that's just as delicious as the ones we serve in-house.

Our Tiramisù is not only our favorite dessert but also our most popular one, with a recipe that has been passed down in our family for generations. We make this delicious dessert every day to ensure you get the freshest and most authentic taste. You can enjoy it as a single portion at our restaurant or serve it family-style for your catering needs. Follow our simple instructions to serve it perfectly and indulge in the creamy goodness.

Get ready for a dessert experience unlike any other! Our Chocolate Salame is a homestyle treat that was introduced in our secret menu a couple of years ago and has been a huge success ever since. Served frozen, it's perfect to be savored with whipped cream or dipped in coffee. Available in single portions or in a 1Lb log for catering.

Our Sfogliatella Napoletana is an authentic taste of Italy that we bake fresh every day in our kitchen. Imported directly from Naples, this dessert has a crispy shell and soft, creamy filling making it a perfect treat for any time of day. Although it's not made in-house, we take great care to ensure that every pastry is freshly baked and served to perfection. We offer baking instructions if you'd like to take it home uncooked and enjoy it right out of your own oven.
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