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We make approximately 200kg (440lbs) of dough every day that we use to make our signature spaghetti, tagliatelle, pappardelle, and sheets for lasagna. We start by mixing flour, eggs, and Italian extra virgin olive oil. We let it rest, and then the magic begins. Every portion is hand cut and weighed.

man making fresh pasta


Imagine a place where all year round the wind coming from the sea caresses the fields, creating the best Italian wheat. This is where our flour comes from in Central Italy. 
Through a specialized milling process, this light yet grainy flour gives our pastas some distinctive qualities: our fresh pasta stays golden-yellow for weeks and has the perfect surface texture that guarantees quality before and after cooking. 

Wheat Plant
fresh pasta in plastic containers
In the restaurant industry, it's common for kitchens to pre-portion ingredients in single-use plastic sandwich bags. Because of the volume of pasta we go through everyday and the enormous amount of waste we would produce if we followed that practice, we chose to portion our pasta in reusable stackable containers. All of the containers are collected during the day, washed at night, and air dried for the next morning when production begins again.


Our uncooked fresh pasta (spaghetti, tagliatelle and pappardelle, tortellini) is available in store and online. Each box contains two portions (9.5oz). Cooking instructions are available on the box.

Fresh lasagna sheets are available only in store by pre-order.

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